How to know whether you bought the original or fake yeezy boost 350 turtle dove online?

Today i want to show the guys who like the yeezy boost how to know whether they get the shoes is original or fake.Especial for someone who bought it online and spend high prices on it.

Although we sell the replica yeezy boost,but what we make for the quality and appearance is look like authentic,you can read this article and go to our website for the detail also.

You may see our replica version for yeezy boost is high quality and well made for the shoes.

Now let’s start to show you the differences between original and fake bad quality yeezy boost 350.

the first difference and easy to check out is the heel tap on the shoes,you can see the original yeezy 350 is more close to the ankle collar,and the fake one is more away from it like 2cm from the ankle collar.


The second part is for the toe stitching in from of the shoes,you can see the real one goes like “X” patten ,it’s look more special design and clear to compatible for the turtle dove patten on the shoes.

for the fake one seems like random stitching on it,and very close for each.

yeezy 350 toe stitching

Third ,let’s have a look at the insoles for the yeezy 350,for the real one is with black and very clear print the characters ADDIDAS YEEZY on it,and for the fake one is with white color.for the back side material the original shoes come with black and more soft matterial.


yeezy 350 insoles

Now let’s look at the side part which with YEEZY and adidas logo,for this part,cause the light not very good,actually the part is with green color for the original one.and you can see the YZY logo comes more clear and deep press on it,for the fake model just made a very bad print on the part.

yeezy 350 side part


and the size tap inside the shoes you can see the fake one description with sample on it.

for the original one make more clear tap and different size model on it.

yeezy 350 boost size tap

Where to Buy yeezy boost replica version online with good quality material?

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You guys can check out the pictures everything they just copy from other seller or online.everything you can see the real is the price,very attractive price,even some is just 50 dollars or lower.
but here we want to show you something for the products.
What it means replica,normally we say this way is the copy product not only the outside looking.even the material need to look like authentic products.
so here you can find out on aliexpress people sell it for 50 dollars,they may just send you the product just get it 50 RMB for the cost.and the quality is really low .
let’s see the picture we have and the aliexpress sellers may send you.

yeezy boost replica online for sale

you can see the difference very obviously on that.
Our store only show up the real pictures which took with real products we can see the material and the shape and the pattern on with the original version.
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here let me show you different models of yeezy boost in our store here.

yeezy 350 oxfor tan